The Gambia Files a Lawsuit against Myanmar

11-14-2019 Dimash Kurman 229

The Gambia has filed a lawsuit against the government of Myanmar for committing genocide against the Rohingya population to the International Court of Justice.

According to the UN report on the Independent International Fact-Finding Mission on Myanmar, 725000 Rohingya people have fled to Bangladesh in the period of August 2017-August 2018. Furthermore, approximately 10000 people died in the mass killing incidents in various Rohingya villages. Across 392 villages, 37700 individual structures have been destroyed with 80% burned down. 

The Gambia with the support of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation decided to act to support Rohingya people, which are mostly Muslim. The lawsuit is aimed to stop atrocities and genocide against Rohingya people and put the government of Myanmar accountable for the human right and 1948 Genocide Convention violations. 

Mr. Abubacarr M Tambadou, The Gambia's attorney general and minister of justice, is the leading person behind the lawsuit. His motivation for action stands from his previous experience in the Rwanda genocide and Rohingya survivor stories.   



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