President Jose Mario Vaz Dismisses Whole Ministerial Cabinet

10-29-2019 Dimash Kurman 142

Today, President Jose Mario Vas has dismissed Prime Minister Aristide Gomes and the whole cabinet because of the political power struggle in the country before the presidential elections on November 24th in Guinea-Bissau.  

President Vaz has appointed Faustino Fudut Imbali as a new Prime Minister of Guinea-Bissau. 

However, Mr. Gomes has refused to step down as a Prime Minister. He claims President Vaz's order is illegitimate because President's term has ended in June. 

Mr. Gomes and President Vaz are leading polls for the upcoming election. It has come as no surprise that the dismissal of Mr. Gomes is one of the power move by President Vaz to reclaim the Presidential office in November. 


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