Impact Sierra Leone Presents: Compassion Donation Drive

11-19-2019 Dimash Kurman 301

On December 14, 2019, Impact Sierra Leone will host Compassion Donation Drive in support of Save the Young Girls Foundation Orphanage in Sierra Leone at Windsor at Contee Crossing Apartments Clubroom 7810 Contee Rd, Laurel, Maryland 20707.

Save The Young Girl Foundation Orphanage is a Community Based Organization (CBO) located in Waterloo, Sierra Leone that was founded in January 2017 by Susan Marie Sesay. The facility serves as a safe haven for young girls who have been abandoned through various unfortunate circumstances in life. It also provides emergency shelter for girl youth at need. The organization currently cares for approximately 31 girls between the ages of 5 and 15 years.

Save The Young Girl Foundation Orphanage's mission is to empower young girls to grow up to be self-sustainable, confident women. These girls often have a rough start in life. Save The Young Girl Foundation Orphanage exists to be a safe-haven for them to come to in time of need, to be able to get food and shelter if needed, and to help be available for after school programs. Save The Young Girl Foundation Orphanage teaches the girls self-respect and confidence and cannot wait to see them grow up to be successful, powerful women!

The donation drive focuses to support education for girls; to cater for the wellbeing of young girls; to raise awareness about gender and child issues; to empower young girls with life skills and training; to protect the rights of the girls; to improve knowledge on child trafficking and child labor; to raise awareness of sexual transmitted diseases; and to encourage the girls to empower each other. 

The Save The Young Girl Foundation Orphanage is looking for a donation of 30 USD per person to sponsor the girls and
provide their basic necessities to include food, clothing & scholastic materials. 

To learn more please contact Ms. Adama Kalokoh via email [email protected]  

To RSVP please follow the link


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