Happy International Day of Peace

09-21-2019 Mustapha Sesay 235

It is essential and right for everyone around the Globe to embrace peace.

The definition of peace is ambiguous, in my own way I view peace as a state of serenity, calmness, understanding wherein the voices of people are heard and easy communication is established.

Peace should always be a prerequisite to every human being there should be no place for violence or conflict, conflict and violence can eat up the fabric of a nation but with peace, there is development, understanding, easy communication, livelihood protection, etc.

As a peace and conflict student, I am craving on the indulgence of others around the Globe to see peace as a necessity, not an option.

As conflict begins in the minds of men so I want to encourage all Sierra Leoneans and other Nationals around the Globe to build the concept of peace in their minds too.

Mustapha Sesay
Peace Advocate
Law School Student
Fourah Bay College
University of Sierra Leone

Your Message
Mustapha sesay
Thank you so much for putting this piece for proper clarification I am a peace and conflict studies student at Fourah Bay college I'm not a law school student
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