Implementation of the Government's Action Program by Benin Goodwill Ambassador of IHRC-RFT

10-23-2019 Foday Mansoray 422

 Dénis Assongba, Goodwill Ambassador of IHRC-RFT announces a great partnership with World Wide Professionnal Finders
 ''A great opportunity that Benin must absolutely seize''

President Patrice Talon and his government can now count on the leadership and determination of the president of the NGO Midogbékpo Internationale, promoter of the Africa Vodoun USA festival, Denis Assongba.  This is a contribution to the implementation of the Government Action Program where Mr. Denis Assongba negotiated with the World Wide Professional Finders Society a partnership for the transfer to Benin of its fast build technology.  Pending the finalization of the negotiations, the company is open when the presentation to the Beninese diaspora of this technology. 
This Tuesday, October 22, 2019, the various partners of the said company accompanied by Mr. Dénis Assongba, visited the various homes built by the company in Washington DC and throughout the United States of America. After a guided tour, President Denis Assongba expressed his satisfaction to the partners and pointed out that this transfer of technology will be a very important and vital asset for Benin. Not only will it revolutionize the country's tourism sector, but it will also create thousands of jobs. He also thanked the company for choosing Benin as the first country to benefit from this opportunity and promised them to make every effort to make it a reality in Benin.
As for the partners, World Wide Professionnal Finders first praised Denis Assongba's commitment, leadership and determination to reveal the Beninese culture, to find opportunities for the development of Benin and in the second time, they promised to accompany the Government of Benin in the implementation of the Government Action Program of President Patrice Talon.
After visiting the houses, the delegation was first received by H.E. Ambassador Hegbe, Togo Ambassador to Washington, who thanked the delegation for their effort and hard work.  Ambassador promised to always be alongside Denis Assongba for his noble actions towards the black community. 
Then, they were received by the representative of the Benin Ambassador to Washington DC, H.E. Mr. Gafari Tango.  At this level, the delegation was highly praised and applauded for its determination and its commitment to accompany the saving reforms of the government of President Patrice Talon. The representative of the ambassador promised to report to the authority so that diligences can be made. 
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